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HD DVD / R. Kelly Live - The Light It Up Tour / R. Kelly Live - The Light It Up Tour / 2006
HD DVD / R. Kelly Live - The Light It Up Tour / R. Kelly Live - The Light It Up Tour Image Entertainment

R. Kelly Live - The Light It Up Tour

R. Kelly Live - The Light It Up Tour


Релиз:18 декабря 2007
Жанр: музыка
Видео: 1.78:1, Цветное
Аудио: Английский (Dolby TrueHD 5.1)
Продолжительность:110 мин.
  • Featurettes: "Trip To The Mall," "Countdown To Showtime"
  • Interviews: "Mr. Showbiz," "The Band," "The Dancers," "The Singers"


R. Kelly is the highest selling, most prolific R&B artist/producer of our time and has never performed a Live Concert DVD. This concert program was shot with 10 high-definition cameras featuring R. Kelly at the world famous Paramount Theater in Oakland, CA. Kelly's previous albums have garnered sales of over 25 million records in the U.S. alone. The show features hit songs from his entire career leading up to his next album in 2007. This high end program runs over 60 minutes in length and features all of the smash hits that R. Kelly is famous for including Bump and Grind, Fiesta, Step In The Name of Love, I Believe I Can Fly and many more. Rarely does the market have the opportunity to see this type of show from an artist of his stature. R. Kelly's undeniable popularity will capture the attention of the entire world covering all demographics with his timeless sound.

Songlist: Mr. Showbiz - Gigolo - Bump, Bump, Bump - Hotel - Wonderful - So Sexy - We Thuggin' - Used To Me - Spending - Home Alone - TP-2 - Strip For You - The Greatest Sex - The Greatest Sex Interlude - Ignition - Fiesta - Your Body's Callin' - When A Woman's Fed Up - Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) - It Seems Like You're Ready - I Wish - Snake - Thoia Thoing - Get This Money - The Zoo - Feelin' On Yo Booty - Feelin' On Yo Booty Opera - Ooh Na Na - R & B Thug - Bump & Grind - Sex Me/Hey Mr. DJ/You Remind Me/Mind Telling Me No - Sex In The Kitchen - Sex Weed - Kickin' It With Your Girlfriend - Poem - Slow Wind - Trapped In The Closet Chapters 1, 2 & 3 - Love Street - Red Carpet - Ladies' Night (Treat Her Like Heaven) - Steppin' In The Name Of Love RMX - Happy People

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